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What Does SpyKing PC Spy Software Record?

Screenshots Keystrokes Typed Websites Visited Applications Executed Chats & IMs
Documents Opened Clipboard Text Emails Read Facebook Use Online Searches

What Is SpyKing PC Spy Software?

SpyKing PC Spy Software is one of the world's best-selling computer surveillance products. It is a safe spy software that you and your family can count on. It monitors and logs your child or employee's activities on a computer while you are away. SpyKing PC Spy Software secrectly records their Facebook use, keystrokes typed, chats and IMs, websites visited, emails read, video talk, videos watched, social media apps, clipboard data, passwords typed, documents opened, windows opened, online searches, PC games, and applications executed. The software even takes screen snapshots every several seconds, like a surveillance camera aiming at your computer Desktop screen. It runs silently and automatically sends log reports to your email or ftp like every 30 minutes.

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How To Start Spying A Computer?


Buy our computer spy software on any device. You can also try it for free and make sure it works for you before you buy it.


Download and install your purchased spy software on the target PC you want to monitor. Activate it with the information you received from us.


Start monitoring and enable invisible mode. You can also setup an email or ftp in the spy software to receive reports remotely.



Why Do I Need A PC Spy Software?

PC spy software is usually a computer program used to secretly monitor or investigate a computer user's activities, actions, communications, mistakes or intentions. Using PC spy software ought always to be approached with caution and circumspection. Spying on others is ethically permissible, even mandatory, in certain situations, where the ends are good. In the situations, spying is prompted by genuine obligations of caretaking, defense of others or self-defense. PC spy software can be a good way to take care of your under-age children, yourself and the people for whom you are professionally responsible. The virtuous spy may violate privacy and transparency norms, of course, but he or she will, to the extent possible, continue to act with respect for the moral autonomy and for the moral and legal interests of the investigative target. PC spy software is useful for protecting children or others in our care who cannot protect themselves, protecting ourselves from wrongdoers, protecting the company and the investing public, and protecting the nation. To avert a child from cyber-bullying, address a child's dangerous obesity, keep a teenager away from drug or achohol abuse, monitor your company owned computers to enhance empoyee work efficiency, or detect wrongs committed by a persistently insensitive and untrustworthy spouse, spying is justified. Please keep in mind, it is pretty legal to spy on a computer you own in your home, company, orgnization or institution. We don't encourage anyone by any means to spy on computers you don't have ownership to.

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What Our Customers Say?

Jimmy D. Brown

I am a father of a 14 year old daughter. Months ago my wife and I noticed our girl became very anxious when using her laptop and refused to talk about her school life. I knew there must be something wrong. My psychologist friend said it could be cyber-bullying and recommended us SpyKing PC Spy software and it proved our guess! We have reported the mean girl to school and cleaned the source of all vicious words. Our happy girl is back to us now!

Betty R. Bernard

I would never believe my teenage son was seduced by a middle age woman. It's a nightmare! She not only took advantage of my under-age child, but also urged him to abuse drugs, just like what she did to herself! My husband and I immediately realized we must take legal actions to save our boy. Hence, she was arrested by police. Your PC spy software let us know everything. She can't deny all her crime with the evidence it collected.

Joel Yang

I founded my company in 2009 and it wasn't easy at the beginning. The whole world was suffering from the pain of bad encomomy. As a starter, I was very cautious of recruiting my team. Consultation firm suggested employee monitoring so that the company could keep running with high efficiency. I was hesitating but eventually accepted the advice and installed SpyKing PC Spy software. To my surprise, it was really helping and now we have 4 overseas offices.

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